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History of the Masters family of Robesonia

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Robesonia Pa, - Vickie Correll

    The people in Robesonia are a big part of the history here.  Many families have been here for generation after generation.  I found these pictures of the  Master family from the West end of Robesonia.  The Masters and their extended families have played a huge role in the history of our town.
    Pictured here using a step ladder as a sled on the swimming pool at Berksveldt Farm on February 6, 1955 are the Master children; William 1 1/2 yrs, Jane, 7yrs and Elsa, 5yrs.
    William and Elsa Master are surrounded by Hungarian Vizsla puppies on August 7, 1957. They were born to a pair of rare bird dogs owned by their father, Elroy who was one of the few owners of the Vizslas that were restricted to Hungry until 1953 when a few were smuggled from behind the Iron Curtain.  These were the first Vizsla puppies born in Berks. County.
    On September 14, 1958, Mrs. Elroy Master poses with her collection of strawberry dishes in her home known as the Livingood Homestead.  The structure was built in four parts, the first portion allegedly constructed from bricks left over from Independence Hall.


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