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Robesonia Pa, - Vickie Correll

This Presidential Election it is so important to get out and vote.  We have to get rid of the total mismanagement of government we have been forced to deal with and elect a new President to work on getting our economy, lack of jobs, lack of trust and ideals back on track.  I didnít vote for Obama and I am hoping he has disappointed those who voted for him 4 years ago to not vote for him again!  We need to get industry back in the USA and unload the freeloaders using up any and all resources our own people should be entitled too.  Itís time that those who have worked here most of their lives receive the benefits, healthcare and medicines they need instead of catering to the lazy, baby producing, criminals and cheats that are getting the free ride on all of our dollars.  It is sad that so many people are afraid to speak the truth about what is destroying our country.  I am hoping we get a President who will address immigration, welfare abuse, putting Americans back to work and getting our economy back in line with our wages.  Gas was $1.85 when Obama was elected. 

Enough is Enough!!



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